Cooperation with real estate agents & credit institutions

  1. We are happy to co-operate with you and help

  2. publicise your properties in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

  3. Add new, high-quality properties to your portfolio

  4. Attract many new buyers and

  5. to be able to offer all other properties from our co-operation here as well

Please note, however:

You should speak German or English during viewings, or have an interpreter available

Make sure that the key data mentioned, such as plot size etc., are correct

Make sure that there are no surprises such as "rights of way" or "mortgages" in the land register

Please describe the property realistically, everything else is a waste of time! We have a classification from "very good" to "in need of renovation" and there are potential buyers for everything, but someone looking for a "very good" house doesn't want to be standing in an unrenovated bathroom from 1973 when they view it

You demand a local brokerage fee from the seller and no additional commission from the buyer or other "hidden costs"

If you are working with these premises, please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will discuss the further details.